Monday, 18 May 2009

Cannes Young Lions 2009

It’s been a while since we last posted and you can probably guess the reason why…there’s no prize. Yes, we’ve been busy, not just procrastinating but ‘REALLY’ busy.

Two brands are to blame, one in need of a ‘spoof’ and the other, an i-phone game. Pants bulging times ahead *note to self “must buy pants”

This weekend was the 48 Hour Cannes Young Lions competition via youtube. The brief was released Friday midnight, with the deadline just around the corner. Unfortunately our plans didn’t go to plan, Rob ended up in Brighton and I ended up looking at houses with the other half. You can see who had the better weekend.

The day of rest came and off to work we went our first look at the brief and with less than 10 hours to come up with diamond. We had several thoughts, but due to the time restrictions we had to go with a quick achievable idea.

Here is our entry.

We really wanted to bring Captain Planet back out of retirement, but for legal and money issues, he didn't want to play game.

If you could be so kind, and click HERE and vote for our entry ‘Man Hang’, we would be ever so grateful.