Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Time to breathe...

Rest your eyes and close them slowly, as you would after a voracious tug on the old chap. Now imagine the busiest day that you have experienced recently. Starting off in the morning, running for that tube only to be joined with 30 other people. Some fat, some smelling rather delicate. You then get to work and everything seems to flying by in fast forward mode. No lunch, just snacking (food that is bad for you) at any available time. What would be your soundtrack to represent the current week you are having? The following is ours.

It's been a rather hectic time for us, but it's all rather jolly in the camp. Scamping, building, smashing, script writing, walking, taking photos, making videos, playing obscure music and on and on the list could go. Just some description of what we have been achieving behind closed doors.

We posted a while ago that we had good news to share. We are now officially off the dole and employed. The first obstacle has been cleared but many more await us in our journey through hell (in a good way).

Monday, 17 November 2008

The hunt has began...

Times of recession what could you offer the consumers that would get their attention? Giving away a Netbook (very small laptop featuring built in broadband) for free is a good start. Here is the new (2 week) campaign from Vodafone, which involves a live man, and a Netbook. Simple concept. Find 'Live Guy' and grab your chance to win a free laptop(3 in person and 1 online). He will be travelling across the country starting with Edinburgh today and then making his way down, eventually to London.

Follow him on twitter for clues to where he will be heading next.


Here is a short clip

Shame about the acting skills, but we let him off as he's still an incredible sportsman.

Friday, 14 November 2008

The Unloader

This quirky little site (click HERE to view) from FarFar was created to promote the new Nokia smartphones. One machine that will exterminate any kind of document you want. I've only tested a jpeg but it would be interesting to see what it does with a swif file. We uploaded our very own pal, Ian Fooks to give him a well-dissevered, composed annihilation.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Update part deux...

We know it is late but everyone loves fireworks. Especially when getting up to some mischievous play. We are all adults but its always good to switch off, every so often. Keep that mind, body and soul young forever.

So there's the fun part. The next couple of clips feature us trying to get to Clapham Common to see the fireworks. We arrived as people were leaving. Great. The pub became the new destination, along with some deep fried chicken. All was good until the morning after on the loo. Stick to KFC and nothing else.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Afternoon people. Firstly we would just like to say congratulations to John Mc'cain for not winning the US election. Let's be honest, it's possibly the worst job in the world and you just don't need the hassle. No matter how much control or money you may get. Black is back, blah blah and blah. 64ish days left with Mr G.W Bush in charge. A lot can go wrong in 64 days. Back to business. Here are a 3 things that we should have posted but just never had the time...

Go Barrak - Simple visual that resonates.

Doll Face (Headphones Needed) - Powerful.

Made us crack up. Would love to find the person behind this master piece.

As stated in the post before, we do have slightly good news to share. However, the evolved need to confirm before the bands comes out to play. We shall let you know early next week. *Whip* Ah... back to work. Been working like the polish of late but thoroughly enjoying ourselves home and away. Still trying get a few things off my phone but the horrid PC won't play fetch. They mainly feature fireworks.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Update coming soon...

promise. We also have some news to share with our viewers (hello).

Dip & Rob x