Monday, 29 September 2008

Who is Jonny X?

This high-end piece of production came from the walls of Dare Digital. The fourth episode is now out. Click HERE to find out more, about one man and his phone.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Spies like Us...

More from the night before.

Cold War Museum

dim3 ak7ion

After weeks of speculation and chasing the clues online, it all became clear what the code above was all about. Some people mentioned the link to Xbox or ps3 game, and then others for the V&A. The latter thought was correct. The Cold War Museum is now exhibiting. It all started of as a mad rush, leaving the hospital at Tooting Broadway at 6pm, wondering if I would turn up to a huge crowd of people donning their disguises, or just a couple of people looking like kiddie fiddlers. I joined somewhere in the middle. People dressed up, who all looked dodgy, to say the least. Yes, even the women. After bumping in to a couple of friends people started to grow tired, wondering if it was all a hoax. However, 18.45 sharp a man with a Mac and bowler hat arrived.Off we went through the streets of Kensington and then a short walk through the underground, which all ended surprisingly at the V&A.

There was a strange feeling about being in the V&A when closed. The temptation to recreate the Thomas Crown Affair was running around my mind. With a couple beers down the hatch and some strange flat peanut/crisp kind of snack (you had to be there), we ventured on forward to browse through the Cold War. The exhibition was visually on the ball and nothing seemed dated. There was a couple of downfalls. Firstly, there was a lot to digest in the way of reading the placards and secondly. The atmosphere was ok at times, although the sounds should have been stronger and prominant in certain areas.

The overall thought of seeding online was good. Using blogs is a great way to get build hype but it would be interesting to see how many people they would have wanted to come. On the night there was around 20-25 people, which was ok. Imagine if 500 people arrived. All this effort for an exhibition? Is it worth it? Answers through comments please.

Videos uploaded later today.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Diesel bangs the drums

We have seen this idea floating around in FHM magazines for some time, only difference is that the use porn o likes.

Click and peek.

The diesel idea has apparently come from this SITE.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

لقد حان الوقت كتاب جديد.

Since getting our 9-month placement at Dare Digital, the one thing we said we would do is not become complacent with ourselves and keep working on our book. A few bystanders kept asking us, “Why bother, when you have just landed a spot on Dareschool”

These comments are the sort that spurs us on to move forward and not settle down too early. Work has been hectic moving from brand to brand keeping us on our toes, learning the different tone of voices and noticing certain clients are more daring than the others are. With only 24 hours in a day, finding time to work on our book together has been hard. We just go off and work on the book ourselves and then when we get a few minutes on the train, during lunch or even whilst in the toilet we discuss our thoughts.

We have not posted any work up before, no particular reason. A complete new book is what we are aiming for over the coming month, and we have a list of strategies that we felt like sharing. Please feel free to leave your ‘constructive’ feedback so we can take these further.

Cup-a-soup - Your mother does not care for you anymore

Mustard - The English ain't bland

P+O ferries
- Retirement homes are pricey

Tetley tea
- Silence in a world of noise

Blockbuster - Home teaching

- It's ok...You're alone

Caterpillar - Get a job your Dad would be proud of

Boots No7 - Prepare for a world of HD

Doc Martins (School shoes) - When your Child has bigger beliefs than school

Lonsdale - Villains are cooler than heroes

Sure - Fools your body

Brut - Goes places wet flannels won't

Hoover - Only a Hoover Hoovers

J2O - Drink and drive

Donor - You've got the guts, don't waste 'em

Evans Bike Shop - A cleaner way to travel

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Thank You Parents.

The day finally arrived, September 8. The end of an era, 3 years of education completed. The night before the house was running around making sure our smart clothes fitted, and ironed to perfection. The day was good, meeting old people and treated like a king by your parents. But who is the day really for? You or your parents? Personally, I feel it is for the parents. They have supported us all for 3 years solid, and it does not stop there. Some people may walk straight in to a £20-£25K a year job, which is a nice place to start, however we did not.

So, having graduated, does that mean we no longer rely on them? Well, nope. Having no other option but to move straight in to London the time came again where I paid a visit to the bank of mummy & daddy. I could have taken a graduated loan, but in times of now, it’s not the greatest idea.

The process of moving in to London straight after University is expensive. You have to pay 6 weeks rent deposit. Pay a month up front and then the legal fees. Wait, there is more. You then have to pay council tax, bills, travel and so on. Before the comments fly in (ok, we may get 1) “Welcome to the real world” etc… I am fully aware what the ‘real’ world is. It is just a sudden shift through life.

On the Brightside, we are currently serving a 9-month placement (Dareschool) which has 2 months left. Just like the film Old Boy, we have been tattooing the months on our arms* waiting for 11th November. Here we will find out if our careers kick off, or whether we have to move on and enter the world of placements again. Only Dare will tell.

So once again, thank you Mum & Dad

DM x

Thursday, 11 September 2008

dim3 ak7ion

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Communication breakdown...

My wallet was stolen. Shit hindsight that really could have dampened the proceedings. Some woman handed it in claiming it somehow walked into her back and was packed away, obviously minus the 10 euros which didn't upset me too much. Finding it again was euphoric...making several friends whilst in a state of trauma. 

Booked the flight the night before I departed, nothing planned so that this would allow spontaneous things to happen right? Apart from doing little research the night before to not to appear arrogant I chucked myself in at the deep end with little money in my account to fall back on. Since Dip and myself went to China we realised language make us lazy and reliant and when it is taken away you revert to instinct#!...>>

Why Spain? I'm not entirely sure for the reasoning apart from the flight being cheap and this being training in Europe before heading into the wild. People worry too much. You can get by in whatever case... (nothing terrible happens and no one dies, ha ha 'in jest') Again...this is part of a series of adventures.

Blood trail of El toro. Was pleased to see a tradition kept alive by the cheers in crowd as a beautiful animal is taunted to death. I say that but by the time the 5th one came out I myself started realising my first thoughts towards it were very shallow. It was also reassuring knowing the creature was butchered on site.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Notting Hill Carnival

This was my first year going to the Carnival and I was so excited to the point, that the butterfly's were regurgitation out of my mouth. I've heard good and bad things about this event, but as film reviews, you have to go seem it for your self to gather an opinion. The day started slowly having to wait for people and then try to meet people which is normally an easy task, however with the added extra thousands of people, it just made it un realistic. By pure luck and observation, we hooked up with the gang and it all kicked off from there. I drank lots of Red Stripe and had expensive Jerk Chicken (which was a massive let down. It was such a cultural experience and had fab ass day. I left around 8ish and fell alseep on the Bakerloo line and ended up at Stonebridge Park (I live in North Acton). I got home around 11pm and the other half (not Rob) was not happy. Defo will be there again next time.

Peace Out. x

Monday, 1 September 2008

Beijing 2008

We take part in the Olympic Games 2008. 6 floors represent 6 different teams. We were the USA. Rob, Fooks and I totally transformed our floor with the added help of other people who brought food in that could represent our nation. What a splendid day. Who said you can't mix business and pleasure.