Sunday, 31 August 2008

If you can't take the heat.

You may be wondering what has happened to out blog of late. Alternatively, you do not give a poop. Rob has taken a well-earned rest and gone off on his break away from the creative world. I have been on my own since last Monday and it has been, let us say, a busy week.

Being in a team where we both do Art Direction and claim to be Copy Writers, this was my week to live up to the claim. Overall, it has gone well but I do miss my partner (I hope he sheds a tear when he reads this). The random banter is mainly missed but also Rob’s ability to push ideas to the level where the client (or planners) shit themselves. It is where reality meets the devil, hoping one day it can slip through without being beaten to death and turning out as a lifeless carcass of a body. We have a few posts to catch up on so I'm going to edit them down to get us back on track. Sorry for the delay. It's my fault, no one elses. Whip me if you ever meet me.

Dip x

Thursday, 21 August 2008

The art of la subliminiminal

The Sony Ericsson ATL campaign keeps on popping up at the moment in the london newspapers and it is the image with the whale. It leaves us wondering how much do people read into press ads? Under recent topical issues whale poaching in China has come under a lot of fire from activists such as Greenpeace and I feel that for us it walks that line...and We're sure very naievely.

Being the controversial emotionless little bastards we are, it didn't offend us and I'm sure no one else was on the phone to the ASA but this was mearly an example for us to make a very simple point. Does anyone give a monkey's about press? We know the answer. I was observing a man on the tube this morning (stalker!)and I was waiting for his eyes to hit a macains advert top right of the page but none of it. Not even a glance...desensitised....

Sorry mother. On the topic here (If you have not already seen it) is a story telling experiment, courtesy of digital and Jonathan Harris.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

The Creative Tea...I mean Three

Recently we've started having creative Tea on our floor which we find very stimulating and it gives us time to digest small talk over some scones or whattever. As it is just our floor we all decided to start inviting people from other levels to fuel the banter.

This week Dip and myself decided to up the anti and invite some outsiders. Fellow comrades Sam & Goodall (concrete carrot *creative team* -plug-) We knew they would deliver and they did in abundance.

*It's the end of the day and people are still twittering about it*

Their presentation was about putting yourself outside your comfort barrier and staying confident throughout (very important). To prove their point they brought in a third member who was big issue seller named Rich who claimed to have invented spongebobsquarepants (according to him spongebob was originally triangular). Look...he signed a drawing for us.

Apparently he worked for Nickelodeon and they nicked all his ideas which he took them to court for. This bum certainly made everyone uncomfortable and you could see it in all the worried faces peering over as he spontaniously grabbed someones phone and started yelling down it!

Fucking brilliant, raw, unstaged and treading the genius/insane line.

Thanks again Concrete carrot x

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Back to work.

The Oxymorons are back from the Big Chill. Click HERE to see the images. The review will be coming as soon as our brains are back on the planet.