Thursday, 31 July 2008

The Big Chill 2008

For the next 4 days we will be chilling in a field, listening to great music and getting rather drunk. Almost a mini holiday. Photos and films will be up loaded sometime next week.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ben & Jerries brain frozen birthday

Ex-hippie in question: Jerry Greenfield

Rob: Did you brainwash the whole of Clapham common on this snake hot day with your cold and ridiculously sweet nonsense?
Jerry: Errrr........yes! - He didn't say this, but it was sure as hell what he was thinking. -

People going up to him yelling "Jerry, Jerry"...What is this all about? Can they not tell that they are all being involved in an advert which they are now thanking him for! What else do you say to a man that sells ice cream...are you trying to save the world? Apparently so! Even though the freezing equipment is the explanation why charlie the polar bear has no where to stand! Fucking saving the Earth twaddle, blahhh. I prefered the ice cream before.

So the hottest Sunday you'd believe and we are at Clapham Common at the Ben and Jerries mass brainwash event. I call it this because their was free ice cream all day. Obviously they realised no living being can get passed 3 or 4 cones before they a)sick it back up or b)make wierd dance gestures and gyrating their heads in order to stop their brains freezing.

I managed 2.5 and was on a sugar come down for most the afternoon in the sweltering heat having to pretend to like Ash while the people infront of me where all supporting brightly coloured Ash T-Shirts (faggots).

View from pims bus. Still not drunk enough.

Ok I thought this toe wrestling malarky wouldn't compare to the Mexican spectical the other night but it did -and so much more- Never have I seen two fat women play footsie before. It was special. Ha ha...the humour was in the lack of attention the dude with the mic was getting from the three people stood in the crowd. I cheered.

A hippy sell out. Does Jerry really have the same mentallity of saving the earth as he did when he was bumming out smoking reffer? Or is that convieniant for the branding at this moment in time. All aboard the green bandwagon. I had to laugh at kicking out time when the crowds started trailing across the park past some pissed tramps. One of the tramps got up half cut and made his hand into antenas on his forhead and started shouting "THE ANTS, THE ANTS ARE COMING" I giggled.

Illustrated Ape does Tits & Wrestling

The map led us to a dark row of garages. A guy popped out from no where and asked us if we where looking for a party. Jokingly he pointed us in the wrong direction and then soon after re directed us down along these garages. It looked dodgy. The music got louder from one of them and as we went in it opened up into what looked like a world war two bunker! The layout was unusual which is a probonus and it was a good night even though the beer was pricey. It happens. The band was The Tits of Death and the mexican wrestling got pretty out of hand amoungst the crowd. Things smashing and babies crying.

Friday, 25 July 2008

Who is the 'Greatest Mistry' of them all?

Last week, another Mistry appeared at Dare. No, it was not the poo that suddenly appeared outside near the smoking area. It was Rohit Mistry. Dam, another person with the same surname as me. After the first couple of hours of hate, I learnt to accept that there would be other Mistry’s out there and started getting on with my life again. Both being keen footballers, dare fc captain Jamie Green had seen an opportunity and decided that we should play football to decide who the ‘Greatest Mistry’ of them all is. Being highly competitive, I jumped at the chance and lost.

A few reasons:

1. Totally unfit.
2. Controversial decision.
3. Too many mistakes (me making the howler of the night, no comment).

Thursday, 17 July 2008

BOB - Best Of Bucks 2008

BOB had arrived at Wunderman last night and there was panic in the air "did you invite anyone?", "I hope people turn up". There was no need for panic as the event turned out to be a great fine mess. Both rooms packed with agency people scanning through all the books, and all we could do is sit and view the attention. There were two prizes to give out to the best books and the first was for a 2-week placement at Wunderman.

Well done to Dawn and Chi who won the 2-week placement at Wunderman, hope it goes well and that there is a job offer at the end. The next prize on offer, was a 2-week placement at Saatchi and Saatchi. We started betting on the team that we thought would win and we were right. This team have stuck to their guns since leaving uni and held out for placements with the big ATL agencies. Some may say it’s a risky move, as you could be waiting for a long time, but then again you need to have goals and ambition to get anywhere in life. We are talking about Paul and Jermaine. Well-done lads and best of luck to you (remember your digital friends).

A few people need thanking. Julie Wright, as always you have our best interests at heart and we are all grateful that you decided to do BOB for us. Matthew Searle, well done with the invitations, they looked the bizz. Seb the r….., love the badges. We are going to wait until Seb becomes famous and then sell them on Ebay (millionaire guaranteed). Really nice to see Pavel Fernandez who is an ex Dare Digital member, speak soon. Finally to the people who put the nuts, crisps out, and not to mention the alcohol in the buckets of ice. You are special too.

Monday, 14 July 2008

RISE - Free music festival

Sundays are normally associated with a day of rest and lounging around in your pants. However, over 100,000 people in a park thought otherwise yesterday. We are talking about the RISE free music festival in Finsbury Park. The sun was shinning, the people were friendly (and wasted, see first image) and overall it was a great day out. The sound system could have been better on the main stage and CSS were a big let down.

Monday, 7 July 2008

A Sad day for Dare Digital

The Stangls' have now left the building. Australia is their next destination and good to luck to them. Everyone is missing you both. x