Monday, 17 November 2008

The hunt has began...

Times of recession what could you offer the consumers that would get their attention? Giving away a Netbook (very small laptop featuring built in broadband) for free is a good start. Here is the new (2 week) campaign from Vodafone, which involves a live man, and a Netbook. Simple concept. Find 'Live Guy' and grab your chance to win a free laptop(3 in person and 1 online). He will be travelling across the country starting with Edinburgh today and then making his way down, eventually to London.

Follow him on twitter for clues to where he will be heading next.

Here is a short clip

Shame about the acting skills, but we let him off as he's still an incredible sportsman.


Mike said...

Hey Guys, thanks for the point, it's fair, although I mean chaps in the sense of a way of addressing people rather than Mike and phil this chris and bob that, in terms of greetings. Hey Chaps, rather than Hi Mike, Hi Phil.

What am I on about it's not a lot of effort is it!? ha ha.

]-[appy Thought said...

"The hunt has began..."?

My inner microsoft paperclip is loading it's shotgun... :P

Bum Fluff said...

Now there's a game! First to shoot Lewis with a shotgun. Road Rash style.